I found Up Out of Egypt an uplifting and beautiful story. It shows how God’s amazing grace can bring beauty from the ashes. It would help to provide hope and belief to anyone. Jenny Born

Helen's life certainly reminds us that God is faithful, and that God is constantly dispensing tenderness and patience to His children.

Over and over again we see God's gentle nudging to adjust Helen's weaknesses, or His generous interventions to redeem her failures. Helen has persevered through all her challenges, continually discovering more of this wonderful God, and always ready to share her gratitude and joy with others. Morag Zwartz Author

11thcentury writer, Omar Khayyam, states the obvious,“The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on . . .”These words are still true today in regard to the vagaries of daily living . . . Sometimes pleasing and exciting; often mundane and dutiful; sometimes positive; ofttimes regretfully negative; roller-coaster learning curves; and pleasurable, deeply satisfying events which make up our daily existence. But all of these occurrences, good and bad, are inexorably writing each person’s indelible history in every moment. The remainder of Khayyam’s verse is a stark reminder that we cannot turn back the clock and make changes.(Nor all your piety nor wit, shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.) But the life-story contained in “Up out of Egypt” provides reassuring evidence that, ultimately, all thingscanwork together for good.

In her autobiographical book, Helen Marsh has reached back – both carefully and sometimes painfully, into her own history and, with remarkable frankness and honesty, displays how those 25,000 days (approximately) have shaped and moulded her into the person she is today. Having known both Walter and Helen for many years, I hold them both in the highest esteem as being two of the best people I could possibly be proud to name as my friends. Helen’s forthright account of her childhood and then their life together serves not only as a historical record for their own descendants, but also touches a reminiscent nerve of how all our lives have traversed the social and personal progress of Australians from the past century to the present time – often turning “ordinary” people into extraordinary examples for others to admire and emulate. However, Helen’s story stands apart from a purely historical re-enactment, because she shares her discoveries and deep joy at how God has worked in every aspect of her life. This book will serve as a sentimental (and familiar) journey for some, as a salutary warning for others to be careful in their seemingly small choices, but for all, as a sincere testimony to what God can do through a person who is absolutely certain and secure in God’s love, plans and purposes for her.

Lynne Dickson April, 2013

John Pirrotta 2013